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About Airtight Home Technologies

About Airtight Home Technologies

Our Team Has More Than 25+ Years of Air Sealing Experience

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Airtight Home Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 2019, by Gary Sharp and is Eastern Ontario’s AeroBarrier dealer. Gary is a professional engineer with over 25+ years of experience.

Gary Sharp

Gary Sharp is the President of Airtight Home Technologies Inc. Gary has been involved in the construction and renovation industry for over 30 years, working towards improving the energy efficiency of Canadian housing. Gary is a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) and has contributed to the industry by managing and writing the updates to the national CHBA Builders’ Manual for the last 5 editions. Every edition of the Builders’ Manual has achieved the status of a National Bestseller. Last year added the CHBA Renovators’ Manual to the CHBA offerings. Both the Renovators’ Manual and the Builders’ Manual provide students with a technical understanding of building science and the details of how to build or renovate homes to meet the Net Zero and Net Zero Ready technical requirements.

Nathan Avery

Nathan Avery graduated with a Bachelors of Building Science from Algonquin College in 2020. He is a certified EnerGuide and ENERGYSTAR Energy Advisor and has been helping with Airtight Home Technologies since 2019. Nathan enjoys helping builders meet their energy efficiency targets so they deliver the best possible product to homeowners.

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Airtight Home Technologies are enhancing the airtightness of our client’s homes to help them achieve superior air test results. This provides the homeowner with a more durable, comfortable, healthy home that wastes less energy through unintended air leaks!