How does AeroBarrier work?

Our Process

Our Process

Airtight Home Technologies multi-step process of installing AeroBarrier

phase 1

prep the house

During this step we seal all of the intentional holes in the building envelop such as heat recovery ventilator inlet and outlet ducts, kitchen range hood fan ducts, and bathroom fans. Window sills, bathtubs, shower bases, furnaces, hot water tanks and heat recovery ventilators are covered to protect them from sealant.

phase 2

Conduct the Initial Airtightness Test

This step involves setting up the required number of sealant sprayers, running the hoses, setting up the monitoring equipment and installing the blower door. At this point we are ready to do the initial airtightness test on the house to determine the starting point.

phase 3

AeroBarrier Installation

The sprayers are activated, and the blower door fan is activated to start the sealing process. The process is continuously monitored with a computer – essentially doing an airtightness test every minute and plotting the details on the computer screen. The technicians will enter the house from time to time to ensure that all is proceeding as planned and seal any holes they may find that is too large for the AeroBarrier to seal.

phase 4

Final Airtightness test

Once the house has exceeded the target airtightness or the process has reached a plateau, the sealing process is concluded, and a final airtightness test is conducted. This test shows us the improvement made in the airtightness of the home resulting from the AeroBarrier installation.

phase 5

Clean Up

No job is finished until the clean-up is done. This involves blowing any of the sealant suspended in the air out of the house, removing the prep materials and packing up the tools. The builder will also be emailed a copy of the Sealing Certificate for the house the next day.

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What our customers think about us

“Excellent Work”

Airtight Home Technologies are enhancing the airtightness of our client’s homes to help them achieve superior air test results. This provides the homeowner with a more durable, comfortable, healthy home that wastes less energy through unintended air leaks!

“Awesome to work with”

Lagois Design Build worked with Air Tight Home Technologies on a recent renovation and were very happy with the results. Gary and his team were awesome to work with. They took the time to explain their process and answer all the homeowners’ questions. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!

“team is professional”

Aerobarrier is a simple and brilliant way to improve the building enclosure. Land Ark Homes has integrated the Aerobarrier solution into our construction process for every home. The expertise and collaboration, with Gary and the team is excellent. We highly recommend them for all builders desiring to build a better home.