EkoBuilt Passive House

Arnprior, Ontario

net-zero ready, passive house built by EkoBuilt

EkoBuilt Passive House

Why This Job Was Important

  • The larger-than-average home was built with the Passive House status in mind, making the entire AeroBarrier process more seamless, taking less than 3 hours to complete.
  • Prior to Airtight Home Technologies’ arrival, the building had an ACH of 2.55, after AeroBarrier was installed, the ACH was at an impressive 0.33.

  • 86.5% reduction in Envelope Leakage, helping the home achieve it’s Passive House status.

  • Reduction in heating, electrical bills year-around and less energy is wasted in heating and cooling the now, much larger home.

  • Final Air Tightness result a 0.86 ACH

EkoBuilt Passive House