Lagois Net Zero Ready Home Renovation

Full Gut, Net Zero Ready, Renovation

net-zero ready renovation completed by Lagois Design Build Renovate

Lagois Net Zero Ready Home Renovation

Why This Job Was Important

  • It is the first Net Zero Ready renovation done by Lagois Design Build Renovate, and AeroBarrier was a crucial step in the process of making it Net Zero Ready.

  • This was a full-gut renovation with addition, creating a larger building footprint, more work by Lagois and the Energy Advisor was needed to cover up additional leaks and holes.
  • Before the renovation began, the home hit an ACH of 5, it went to 2.5 at pre-drywall and was further dropped down to 0.84 after AeroBarrier.
  • 66% reduction in Envelope Leakage, helping the home achieve it’s Net Zero Ready status.

  • Reduction in heating, electrical bills year-around and less energy is wasted in heating and cooling the now, much larger home.

  • Final Air Tightness result a __ ACH


Our partners, Lagois Design Build Renovate, completed a Net Zero Ready renovation near Little Italy in Ottawa. This home required a lengthy renovation with a lot of oversight to make the renovation a certified Net Zero Ready home, as the ACH level started at 5 prior to the renovation.

This full-gut renovation required an addition before the drywall stage, increasing the overall size of the building. Lagois’s exceptional work in sealing as many holes and leaks as possible in collaboration with Homesol Building Solutions, certified Energy Advisors, made the AeroBarrier process that much more effective.

Prior to the AeroBarrier process, the house’s ACH level was at 2.47. After AeroBarrier it went all the way down to 0.84, a huge reduction on such a completed renovation. An expected number would have been 1.5 ACH, but thanks to the diligent work by Homesol and Lagois, the AeroBarrier installation was made that much more effective, reducing the envelope leakage by 66%. The final Air Tightness Test conducted by Homesol showed the final ACH at a comfortable__

The homeowners are now enjoying a fully renovated home that is also many times more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, and saves money every month thanks to outstanding collaborative effort by Lagois, Homesol, and Airtight Home Technologies.

Lagois Net Zero Ready Home Renovation