RK Porter General Contracting

Lyndhurst, Ontario

beautiful cottage sealed in the Gananoque area

RK Porter General Contracting

Why This Job Was Important

  • The 2024 winter, heavily affected by El Niño, has led to milder days, leading to an easier installation of Aerobarrier (the one positive aspect of climate change)
  • 3.22 Air Changes per Hour brought down to 1.12 Air Changes per Hour
  • 389 Square Inch Hole to 128 Square Inch Hole

  • 65% Reduction in Envelope Leakage
  • 3,226 CFM Start – 1,124 CFM Final
In the Westport area, there are many lakes, rivers, and waterways. RK Porter General Contracting is building this new house on one of those waterways and used Airtight Home Technologies to seal the house.
The installation of AeroBarrier brought the ACH levels down from 3.22 to 1.12, resulting in a 65% reduction in envelope leakage in the house. Having a more airtight house means the mechanical systems work more efficiently, which can reduce energy bills and improve the overall indoor environment for the future homeowner!