Songwood Contracting

Lyndhurst, Ontario

beautiful cottage sealed in the Gananoque area

Songwood Contracting

Why This Job Was Important

  • The 2024 winter, heavily affected by El Niño, has led to milder days, leading to an easier installation of Aerobarrier (the one positive aspect of climate change)
  • 1.09 Air Changes per Hour brought down to 0.48 Air Changes per Hour
  • 130 Square Inch Hole to 57 Square Inch Hole

  • 56% Reduction in Envelope Leakage
  • 1,078 CFM Start – 473 CFM Final

This absolutely gorgeous home, built by our partners at Songwood Contracting is the definition of exceeding expectations. The initial ACH goal of this home was 1.5 ACH, a fair number, especially for a building this large, when they met that number at the mid-construction phase, we knew our product could make it even more airtight.

When AeroBarrier was ready to be installed, the house was sitting at a comfortable 1.09 ACH, and after we installed our product, the envelope leakage was reduced by 56% and the ACH level went down to 0.48. This will result in a more comfortable living experience for the homeowners not worrying about the cold winter air or hot summer sun affecting how they live their life in this beautiful cottage.