some kind words from our customers

“Work of Art”

As a builder of high-performance Passivehouse, I completely understand the true value of an ‘air tight’ envelope. In a Passivehouse we need to provide a high thermal envelope as well, however, anyone educated in building science knows air-tightness is proportionately much more important than extra insulation

Although we frequently meet the strict Passivehouse airtightness targets through our construction details we still use the Aerobarrier service on most of our projects because there really is no better investment for the life of the home & energy savings AKA your pocketbook!

Seeing the system in action truly is a work of art. If anything is for sure, I feel Aerobarrier has perfected airtightness opportunities for any home! 

Paul Kealey, Ekobuilt

"Excellent Work"

Airtight Home Technologies are enhancing the airtightness of our client’s homes to help them achieve superior air test results. This provides the homeowner with a more durable, comfortable, healthy home that wastes less energy through unintended air leaks!

Stephen Magneron, Homesol Building Solutions

"Awesome to Work With"

Lagois Design Build worked with Air Tight Home Technologies on a recent renovation and were very happy with the results. Gary and his team were awesome to work with. They took the time to explain their process and answer all the homeowners' questions. We wouldn't hesitate to work with them again!

"Outcomes are amazing"

Gary is a highly dedicated professional who's extremely passionate about his work, and guess what - the outcomes are amazing. We partnered up with him for one of our projects that had many air leakages in the building envelope. Gary and his team came, resolving the issue step by step (prep work and sealing) and treated the envelope like a surgeon treats his patient. The outcome of this diligent work was a significant increase in airtightness & efficiency to above 90%.

"team is excellent"

Aerobarrier is a simple and brilliant way to improve the building enclosure. Land Ark Homes has integrated the Aerobarrier solution into our construction process for every home. The expertise, and collaboration, with Gary and the team is excellent. We highly recommend them for all builders desiring to build a better home.